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Oliver Lewis

Oliver has worked in assistive technology for 15 years, completing assessments for a wide range of special-needs and mainstream schools, higher education establishments including the University of Oxford and companies such as Capita, IBM and Lloyds TSB.

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Andy Fell

Andy was Head of Assistive Technology at Guide Dogs for the Blind and is a qualified Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually Impaired. As a special needs consultant he has worked for a variety of universities, the emergency services and government departments.

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Moira Stephens

Moira has over 30 years’ experience of working in the field of special education.  Her specialist areas and qualifications are in the fields of cerebral palsy with profound and multiple sensory impairments, learning difficulties and global developmental delay.

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Mary McCarron

Mary has previously worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney and as a Highly Specialist Neuro Occupational Therapist working in Community Neuro Rehabilitation, for the Central London Community Health team.

Her experience includes the assessment and implementation of assistive technology such as, switch input systems, computer control using eye gaze, communication equipment.

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Adam Waits

Adam is a regular speaker at national and international conferences on disability and technology, being highly regarded within the industry. He began his career in 1994 as a teacher, immediately being drawn to ICT and disability; teaching literacy, ICT and independence skills to students with a combination of physical disabilities and learning difficulties

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