Computer, Tablets and Phones

Technology now plays a vital role in everyone's daily living. Computers, tablets and the pervasive mobile phone are encountered in just about every walk of life. The expression 'there's an app for that' formed the basis of a compelling advertising campaign in 2009.

Today, computers and mobile technology forms the basis of our interactions with others through email and social media platforms, our audio/visual entertainment with streaming services like Spotify and Netflix, navigation (thanks to GPS) and our diaries, the weather, lists of things to do, reminders/alarms and photos etc.

It can be seen that mobile telecommunications, entertainment and computer systems are essential commodities. The impact of no longer being able to interact with a mobile phone, touch screen, mouse, keyboard or game pad is profound. A client with an acquired brain injury may be blind or partially sighted but they too can have access to smartphones and tablets using special software and utilities that announce information in a spoken form or present the information on a dynamic braille display.